Intel is getting leap-frogged

In 1965 Gordon Moore famously predicted that the number of components on an integrated circuit (a computer “chip”) would double every year — Moore’s Law. This largely turned out to be true, but for a long time, we’ve been predicting that we’re reaching the end of it, largely because of laws of physics. To fit […]

EU Tech Stocks and markets — or, will there be a Euroean Silicon Valley?

The WSJ wrote an article this week, pointing out that Amsterdam is the leading EU-exchange for tech stocks. This may seem surprising, but actually makes sense. London’s AIM and Germany’s Deutsche Börse are notoriously low-liquidity for tech stocks. There are very few scenarios one can imagine where listing on either of those larger exchanges is […]

EU restricts personal data transfers to the US

If you don’t live in the EU, and don’t run a globally-targeted website, you may be forgiven for not being familiar with GDPR — the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU. If you do live in the EU, then you’ll be intimately familiar with the endless “agreeing” you have to do to various cookie […]

Which is the larger long-term danger, COVID-19 or GPT-3?

That’s the question a computer-science friend of mine recently asked — which of course leads one to query, what the heck is GPT-3? GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, and is one of the outputs of the OpenAI initiative. GPT-3 is … the 3rd version of GPT. What it does is, given a word, try to […]

TikTok and China

Here we are, yet again, back at Newsletter #14, wherein I brought up some of the problems with TikTok being controlled by the Chinese, and statements by the new CEO (who is an American), who asserts that they don’t send US user data to Chinese authorities, and moreover that they’d refuse if it were demanded. Things […]

More on animal-replacement start-ups

Last Autumn, fake meat was all the rage (Newsletter #14). Companies in the space continue to get traction, and retailers are figuring out how to retail it. Kroger, the US’s largest grocery store* by revenue, and second largest general retailer, experimented with placement of plant-based alternatives to meat — moving them from the vegetarian section […]

US Senate discusses “digital dollar”

Last November, Beijing went “all in” on blockchain (Newsletter #14), saying they were going to move forward with a state-backed crypto currency. Unsurprisingly, when Xi Jinping made that announcement, things were already well underway. They launched a pilot of the digital currency the next month, and announced just last Wednesday that they were expanding the trial to include […]

Ad-tech regulation

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has released its final report on online platforms and digital advertising. This started as a preliminary look at possibly monopolistic practices by Google and Facebook, who collectively earn about 80% of UK digital-marketing spend. Parts of the UK press are already saying the report doesn’t go far enough, and that […]

The ongoing evolution of Asia

China continues to pursue its ambition of being not just one of the world’s largest economies, but one of its largest powers. The passing of the new Hong Kong security law — which happened in secret, bypassing Hong Kong’s own legislature, and the content of which was only revealed one day before it went into effect (absolutely […]

WWDC and privacy

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference was last week. As expected, one of the biggest announcements was that they’re moving away from Intel and to their own chips. And, although it wasn’t front and center, it was mentioned enough that I’m sticking with my prediction that this is all about “AI”, and we’re going to see […]

Mixer -> Facebook gaming

Perhaps you haven’t heard, but e-gaming is big business ($68 billion in 2018, growing by various estimates from 10% to 20% CAGR). Alongside e-gaming has come video-game streaming. The numbers have spiked somewhat during the global lockdown, but they were big even before — in 2019 there are about 12.5 billion hours watched across the four biggest […]