Internet legislation in the US

Two significant bills were put forth in the US this week, both of which are sure to have global consequences if passed. Let’s start with the bad. The Senate has put forth what they’re calling the LAED bill, which is an even worse version of their previous EARN IT bill. It would effectively kill privacy […]

Democracy Is Going to Be The Death of Democracy

The Founding Fathers of the United States were by no means perfect. Equally, the U.S. Constitution is filled with compromises that were at best distasteful to many at the time, and remain so. That said, smart men, living at the height of the Age of Enlightenment, who were not distracted by a constant barrage of […]

14-day rolling average of U.S. daily COVID-19 deaths

Is the US in trouble from COVID? A thread.

I originally published this on Facebook, but threading is terrible, so I’m putting it here to preserve some coherence. Also, slightly edited for this format. Here is the original. TL;DR — I don’t know but it doesn’t look good. The 14-day average number of daily deaths is well off its peak in the US, even […]

The real proxy war coming from the trade war

It’s easy to forget (global pandemic, George Floyd protests and riots, upcoming US election, new Bolton book, SCOTUS landmark anti-discrimination ruling, etc…), but the US is involved in a trade war with China. But actually, it’s much bigger than a trade war; it’s a war over global influence. This week, there was a minor border […]

WhatsApp payments isn’t about WhatsApp, it’s about Visa

If e-commerce is all about buying physical goods online, e-payment is all about paying for such goods online, even if you’re buying at a physical location. Think Apple Pay or Google Wallet meet PayPal. That’s what WhatsApp is rolling out in Brazil this week — the ability to send money directly from within WhatsApp, either […]

Hedge Funds and New Hong Kong

As I discussed last week, China’s proposed security law for Hong Kong would be a major blow. Follow-on discussions of potential results of the implementation of such a law really span quite a bit of ground. On the “very likely” side of things, Hong Kong is currently home to over 400 hedge funds, managing north […]

Apple moving to ARM on Macs, what does it mean?

There’s a rumor that Apple will be moving to ARM chips on the Macintosh product line. It’s still just a rumor, and we’ve been hearing such things for a few years now, but now it’s out on Bloomberg, which is saying Apple intends to make this announcement the week of the 22nd, at their World […]

Hong Kong no longer autonomous from China

With everything going on regarding COVID-19, and now the protests and riots in the US, it’s easy to forget that just a few months ago, there were on-going protests in Hong Kong around Beijing’s attempt to pass a law allowing people to be extradited to the mainland. Equally seemingly lost in the noise is Beijing’s […]

Amazon and self-driving cars?

For a few years now, pretty much every big tech company has been doing something in the self-driving car space, and Amazon isn’t new to this (at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, they announced a partnership with Toyota), but their participation might be the least clear. Tesla, of course, makes sense. Alphabet (Google’s parent) has […]

Keep your eye on the anti-aging space

Humans have been dreaming about immortality approximately forever. But over the last 40 years, we’ve slowly but surely started to make progress on developing a fountain of youth. One needs to be careful in this space, because for every actual advancement, there are dozens if not hundreds of fake, wrong, or fraudulent claims. That said, […]