Below are the companies with which I'm currently, actively engaged. For employment opportunities, press, or investor relations, please contact the companies directly.

Linius Technologies Limited

Linius (ASX:LNU) has designed and patented the world’s first video virtualization engine. The technology transforms large inflexible video files into small highly flexible data structures. The patented process applies two highly successful techniques to video – data indexing and virtualisation. Chris Richardson joined Linius as CEO in December, 2015.

C.W. Richardson & Associates

Founded in 2009, C. W. Richardson & Associates was initially a vehicle for Chris Richardson's consulting efforts. Today, it's a global management consultancy, focused on technology businesses around the world. Specific areas of focus for the company include strategy, growth, and product management.

Mirovoy Sales

Have a team? Have a product? Don't have sales? Then Mirovoy Sales is your answer. Chris Richardson founded Mirovoy Sales in 2014 to address the growing issue facing tech startups: investors encourage them to run lean, so when they finally have a product to sell, they don't have anyone to sell it. Mirovoy Sales addresses this issue by providing sales consulting and outsourcing for tech startups.