Democracy Is Going to Be The Death of Democracy

The Founding Fathers of the United States were by no means perfect. Equally, the U.S. Constitution is filled with compromises that were at best distasteful to many at the time, and remain so. That said, smart men, living at the height of the Age of Enlightenment, who were not distracted by a constant barrage of […]

an image of the cover of the novel "1984" over the American flag, with the text "Do we really want this as our instruction manual?"

Is The Great Experiment Ending?

E pluribus unum Annuit cœptis Novus ordo seclorum Those words — out of many, one; our undertakings have been approved; a new order of the ages — connoted an unprecedented national optimism, and foretold what has unquestionably turned out to be a new order of the ages. Fifteen years of literal blood, sweat, and tears […]

Grammar in Social Media and Game Dynamics

OK. This is more of a rant than a proper blog post. But it’s too long for twitter, so you get it here. What on Earth is wrong with all of these companies using game dynamics in the context of social media. Specifically, why can’t they tell what gender their users are, and why have […]