Photo of Prague

Pre-Wedding Festivities


For those in town by Wednesday night and so inclined, we'll be going on our standard Prague walking tour for new visitors on Thursday morning:

The total walk is just over 7 km, and would normally take just under 2 hours, depending on timing of the funicular. However, it's called the 1-day walking tour for a reason. I don't think we've ever done it in under 4 hours, and 6 is more the norm, once you add in actually talking about the tourist sites, taking photos, stopping for lunch, etc.... And believe me, there will be plenty of beer, food, ice cream, and whatnot, in addition to really cool tourist sites for adults and kids alike.

Anyone who would like to come along, meet us at the Újezd tram stop at 10AM, Thursday morning, and off we go! We should be done by about 4PM. Of course, feel free to join and leave the tour at will, if you want to do other things on your own during the day, or just don't feel like spending 6 hours walking in the hot sun!

Thursday Evening

Whether or not you join us for the tour, we hope you join us for a casual dinner on Thursday night. We'll be eating at one of my favorite restaurants in town, Kofein. Jaromír is a Czech chef who toured the world, cooking everywhere from South America to Australia. When he came back to Prague, he opened a restaurant that explores the world of flavors with non-traditional tapas style food. It's absolutely inspired, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. You can read more about it in the New York Times. We'll be there from approximately 18:00.


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