Zámek Průhonice od podzámeckého rybníka

The Wedding


If you're planning on taking the bus with us to the wedding, there's been a change in departure time. Please arrive at the InterContinental at 12:30. The busses will depart promptly at 12:45 — 15 minutes earlier than originally scheduled.

We're Almost There!

OK, folks. As you should know by now if you're reading this, we'll be getting married at stunning Pruhonice Castle (Průhonice, pronounced proo'-hoe-nitz-eh) at 2:00PM on the 29th of June, 2019. You'll need to arrive at the venue a little early, to ensure that you're at the castle gates at 13:45, promptly!

Getting to The Venue

We'll Take You

For most of you, the easiest and surest way to get to the wedding will be to let us take you. Busses will be departing from the Hotel InterContinental at 12:45, and returning from Průhonice at 16:00. However, if you'd prefer more flexibility, see below.

By Car

The venue is an easy 20 minute drive from just about anywhere in Prague. However, if you're planning on having some adult fun, make sure to read the caveats on driving on the Getting around Prague page.

By Public Transit

As mentioned elsewhere, public transit in Prague is great! However, Průhonice isn't in Prague, and getting there by public transit might be a bit of a miniature adventure. First, you need to get to Opatov, the second to last stop on the "C" or red metro line. From there, you hop on either the 363 (direction, Čestlice) or 385 (direction unknown, but read the signs and find Průhonice — the bus has different termini depending on time of day) bus. On Saturdays, the 363 runs at 4 and 34 minutes after the hour, and the 385 runs at 18 minutes after the hour, so depending on your connection, you may only need to wait a few minutes for the bus, but could end up waiting up to 1/2 an hour. Also, Průhonice is outside of Prague, so your metro ticket won't cover this part of the trip. You'll have to pay the bus driver directly. It will cost something less than 30 CZK. He won't speak English. Board at the front of the bus. When you get to him, say "proo'-hoe-nitz-eh". He'll say something back to you in Czech. Hand him 30+ crowns, and hope for change. Grab the ticket that prints out, and you're good to go!

Wear Sunscreen!

June is a funny month in Prague, and even at the end of the month, the weather is a little hard to predict. While highs from 21–24º (70–75º) are normal, over the last 5 years the high for June 29th has ranged from 17º (63º) to 27º (80º). That said, a massive heatwave is happening in Europe, and we're breaking records left and right. The current forecast for the wedding is 27º (80º) for wedding-start, climbing to a record 29º (84º) by the time we wrap up photos and head back to the city. Dress appropriately, and get ready for something like this:

Pruhonice courtyard wedding


The Wedding Itself

The ceremony will be approximately 30 minutes long, from 2-2:30. You'll want to arrive at least 15 minutes before hand, and be ready to go!  (We're not the only ones getting married at the castle that day). By law, the ceremony will be conducted in Czech. Also, by law, we'll have a translator — but you probably won't be able to hear him, so be prepared to have no idea what's happening.

The reception will follow at 17:00 back in Prague (again, we'll take you back by bus if you don't arrange something on your own). Between the ceremony and the reception, you should plan on spending some time on the Průhonice grounds. We weren't able to arrange any food or beverage at the castle; however, there is a café on the castle grounds, and another a short walk away (Cukrárna Paloma)  if you need to tide yourself over before the reception.


Pruhonice park — the castle grounds — is a 250 hectare (630-ish acre) Unesco World Heritage site. At that size you can spend hours and hours wandering the grounds:

Flowers Galore

With over 1,600 species of local and exotic plants, there's almost always something in flower. At the turn from June to July, you should expect to see some combination of ghost tree, large-leaved lupin, tulip tree, clary sage, lavender-cotton, beardtongues, bellflower, flowering hydrangea, and foxglove in bloom.

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