What to make of the Parler shutdown

In the wake of the “assault” on the US Capitol (in quotation marks, because if you look at the video footage, it really seems a lot more like LARPing than an actual attempt at insurrection), everyone was all abuzz about how the social-media giants were handling Trump’s accounts (Twitter gave him a “permanent suspension” (I […]

Keep your eye on Chinese tech

Over the last several months there’s been a lot of meaningful news on China from both an economic and political front, but it’s also worth paying attention to them on the technological front. While they may be best known for different values around intellectual property than we’re used to in the West, the reality is, […]

Amazon and self-driving cars?

For a few years now, pretty much every big tech company has been doing something in the self-driving car space, and Amazon isn’t new to this (at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, they announced a partnership with Toyota), but their participation might be the least clear. Tesla, of course, makes sense. Alphabet (Google’s parent) has […]

Don’t buy Ring as a gift (or for yourself)

There is a long way to go in the discussion on privacy, facial recognition, etc…; and even further to go in terms of legislation; and it’s going to play out differently around the world. But there’s no reason to accelerate the surveillance state — and Ring is extra bad. Not only do they have previously-secret […]

Have you heard about Twitch? What about Mixer?

If YouTube is the go-to site for free, recorded video, Twitch is its equivalent for live-streaming. Owned by Amazon, Twitch is the go-to site for live streamers in the burgeoning eSports market. But Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind; Mixer is their competitive product. Two of the biggest eSports streamers are Ninja and Shroud […]

Amazon.com doesn’t really know what it’s selling you

It’s important to remember that, first and foremost, Amazon is a retailer — which means it behaves like a retailer. If you’ve shopped at a department store in the last decade, you may have noticed that many of the staff are not employees of the store, but of the brand. So, for example, if you […]