Is The Print Ad Dead?

Recently on a LinkedIn group, someone started a conversation on whether or not print advertizing is dead.

Global Entrepreneurship

Last week, Kaleil Isaza Tuzman turned me on to the blog of Martin Varsavsky. It’s a great blog, and in a recent post he spoke about how understandings of entrepreneurship and wealth creation (or the lack thereof) were affecting Spain. His train of reasoning brought me back to my musings around the relationship of time, … Continue reading “Global Entrepreneurship”

Size Matters

A while ago, I wrote on some key things to keep in mind when looking at opening an additional location. I was recently talking to a colleague of mine, and he said that if he were starting a new business, it wouldn’t be in Prague (for the record, at the time, I was based in … Continue reading “Size Matters”

Wasting Time

A while ago I wrote a quick post on what I suppose has become my core economic theory: that Money Is Time. As I’ve recently moved to Central Europe, I’m taking a new look at the world around me, and thinking about the problem of unemployment — particularly the unemployment of the youth.

Managing Multiple Locations

If you run a growing company in any industry, odds are you’re looking at adding additional locations. The new location may be a satellite sales office, and additional retail outlet, or even an off-shore development office. Through a combination of growth and M&A activity each of my last two start-ups ended up with multiple development … Continue reading “Managing Multiple Locations”

Successfully Offshoring

For the last several years, off-shoring has become all the rage. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where if you’re pitching a VC you had better include off-shoring in your pitch if you want to have any chance of success. But success in your pitch doesn’t necessarily mean success in your business. I want … Continue reading “Successfully Offshoring”