Is The Print Ad Dead?

Recently on a LinkedIn group, someone started a conversation on whether or not print advertizing is dead.

Outbound Marketing

Everything from web-site design, to search-engine marketing (SEM/SEO), to trade shows, to television commercials, classic outbound marketing, also known as marketing communications (MarCom) is the nuts and bolts of any marketing campaign. It can also include branding, publicity, and public relations, which I already discussed under brand.

Facebook for Websites

With over half the people on the Internet using Facebook at least once per month, Facebook has become an extremely important part of Internet life. And they’re using that power to change the web as we know it: they’re driving the “social web”. Being on the cutting edge of that transition can put you in prime position to improve your business through referrals — the best source of customers.

Marketing 101

Just What Is Marketing? If you look marketing up in a dictionary, you’ll get something along the lines of, “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.” That does give someone who’s never encountered the word before a decent understanding of the notion. But how, exactly, does … Continue reading “Marketing 101”

Social Networking

As we come to the close of the last quarter of the year, I look back to the close of the previous quarter, where I briefly digressed from this introductory series on on-line marketing to take a closer look at Twitter. The fact that that article was one of my most popular ever makes me … Continue reading “Social Networking”

On-Line Display Advertising

As a business owner you are probably just as, if not more, likely to have used display advertising than direct mail. Display advertising covers billboards, but it also covers ads in periodicals, and, most significantly, ads in your local Yellow Pages. Here you’ll learn the basics of display advertising on the Internet, and the tremendously powerful ways you can use it to target your audience.

Using Twitter in Your Marketing Campaign

Twitter is all the rage, but is rarely used effectively. This blog gives an introduction to what Twitter is, and provides a few case studies on companies that are effectively using Twitter in their marketing campaigns.

Understanding e-Mail Marketing

Of all the on-line marketing techniques, e-mail marketing is probably the closest analog to a traditional marketing technique which you have probably used. Essentially, it’s the on-line version of direct mail marketing. As with other on-line marketing techniques, its two biggest advantages over its non-digital equivalent are the ease with which results can be measured and the speed with which they can be measured.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

For most businesses, the goal of on-line marketing is to get customers to come to your web-site. There are other ways to do this (email blasts, banner ads, etc…), but in reality, most new customer traffic to your website is likely to be driven by search engines. This post talks about two popular ways of using search engines in your marketing campaign: SEO and SEM.

Introduction to On-Line Marketing

These days, everyone is interested in on-line marketing. This is the first in a five-part series on the topic, and will focus on key aspects of any on-line marketing campaign.