What will a Biden presidency mean?

Although there are still some lawsuits to be settled, and several recounts to be done, it appears that Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. (really), will be the 46th president of the United States. After four seismic years under Donald Trump, it will probably mean a lot. Although not entirely unmitigated, Obama’s presidency was largely a foreign-policy […]

Belarus playing out as predicted

As I discussed back in mid-August, the legitimacy and continuation of Lukashenko’s strong-man hold on Belarus could include a closer relationship with, and consequent help from, Russia — but only if Lukashenko made his request much more clear and public. Last week, Russia’s Prime Minister visited Belarus, and said that Moscow was willing to send “police” to […]

It’s not just Hong Kong, pay attention to Russian protests

For many weeks now, we’ve been kept abreast of the protests in Hong Kong, ever since Beijing tried to push through a bill allowing extradition to the mainland, and then tabled it instead of removing the proposed legislation all together. We’re not even half way into the “one country, two systems” 50 year plan, and […]