NBC reorgs cable networks, or, where is the value in entertainment?

Cable providers, fresh off their media company acquisitions, are getting hit hard by COVID — advertising revenue is way down, and cord-cutting has joined the long list of transitions that were already happening but got accelerated by the pandemic. But just because a trend is accelerating, doesn’t mean that the incumbents have any idea what […]

Did AMC just shoot itself in the foot?

The VOD wars had kicked off long before the COVID-19 global lockdowns started, but the lockdowns are accelerating change in a lot of businesses. In the wake of the lockdown, there are no movie theaters anymore, so NBC Universal decided to stream Trolls World Tour. It generated US$100 million in revenue, and prompted AMC Theaters (the […]

Disney+ predictably struggles, but it’s fine

Disney+ launched with a wide swath of technical glitches. They later explained the problem as their having been unready for the large demand. Of course, one could have predicted both the large demand … and that they wouldn’t be ready for it. This stuff is very hard to get right. But in reality, these launch-day […]

VOD wars are here

In 2007, Netflix started streaming (rather than mailing DVDs), really kicking off the world of “VOD” (Video on Demand), and starting the cord-cutting revolution. People, weary of $100+/month cable TV bills with 100+ channels of garbage, started to jump ship — cancelling their cable subscriptions and signing up for Netflix. Over the coming year, Hulu […]