Warner’s zero-day theatrical window

Last month I took note of Warner’s experiment to remove the theatrical window for all movies coming out in 2021 (“Are we witnessing the death of the cinema,” newsletter #58). A few weeks ago the first movie in this experiment, The Little Things, came out — and I think Warner is going to view it is a […]

Are we witnessing the death of the cinema?

WarnerMedia shocked the industry and has been getting severe pushback since it announced its plan to remove the “theatrical window” in 2021. In industry speak, the window is the period in which theaters can show a movie before it becomes available for broadcast or streaming. Over the last few decades, there have been several changes […]

NBC reorgs cable networks, or, where is the value in entertainment?

Cable providers, fresh off their media company acquisitions, are getting hit hard by COVID — advertising revenue is way down, and cord-cutting has joined the long list of transitions that were already happening but got accelerated by the pandemic. But just because a trend is accelerating, doesn’t mean that the incumbents have any idea what […]

Disney+ predictably struggles, but it’s fine

Disney+ launched with a wide swath of technical glitches. They later explained the problem as their having been unready for the large demand. Of course, one could have predicted both the large demand … and that they wouldn’t be ready for it. This stuff is very hard to get right. But in reality, these launch-day […]

VOD wars are here

In 2007, Netflix started streaming (rather than mailing DVDs), really kicking off the world of “VOD” (Video on Demand), and starting the cord-cutting revolution. People, weary of $100+/month cable TV bills with 100+ channels of garbage, started to jump ship — cancelling their cable subscriptions and signing up for Netflix. Over the coming year, Hulu […]