China, Uyghur, TikTok

China is spreading Uyghur recognition across the country At least twelve projects across China are mandating that the ability to identify Uyghur be built into their facial-recognition systems. Imagine if US police RFPs started mandating Navajo recognition? Or if the English started mandating Welsh recognition? Remember, TikTok is controlled by China Seventeen-year-old Feroza Aziz wanted … Continue reading “China, Uyghur, TikTok”

VOD wars are here

In 2007, Netflix started streaming (rather than mailing DVDs), really kicking off the world of “VOD” (Video on Demand), and starting the cord-cutting revolution. People, weary of $100+/month cable TV bills with 100+ channels of garbage, started to jump ship — cancelling their cable subscriptions and signing up for Netflix. Over the coming year, Hulu … Continue reading “VOD wars are here”

Elections, government, and tech

In case you missed it, back in July the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, created a new position (the Election Threats Executive) to oversee and coordinate election security efforts across the various intelligence agencies, and appointed Shelby Pierson as the first in that role. Facebook, Twitter, and Google are all working hard to improve … Continue reading “Elections, government, and tech”